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The band designed to expand and contract  to meet your financial and spatial needs!


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Vocal Coaching and Piano Lessons




Vocal Coaching

Voice and Piano Lessons now available with the option of Skype. Sign up via Paypal.



Ms. Rhine assists each student in establishing individual goals and expectations. The following will be covered by agreement of the teacher, student and parent (if appropriate):

  • Basics and Fundamentals of Healthy Singing
  • Approaching the Voice as an Instrument
  • Fine Tune Your Performance
  • Singing as Communication
  • Effective Auditions
  • Interpretation of Individual Pieces
  • Delivery
  • Visualization
  • Picking the Right Material
  • Vocal Exercises and Warm ups
  • Goal Setting: The Ongoing Process
  • Vocal Placement
  • Find Your Keys
  • Professional Approach
  • The "Business" of Music
  • Set Compilation
  • Attitude
  • Harmony
  • Basic Theory
  • "Where Do I Go From Here?"

Currently offering  private lessons in Voice and Piano for all ages at the Gwinnett School of Music in Lilburn and Grayson, Georgia.

  • Extensive experience includes song writing, performance skills and studio work, with a consistent focus on building confidence, expertise and enjoyment for the student.
  • Sings lead and backup vocals in a variety of styles including Jazz, Blues, Country, Bluegrass & Pop. Plays guitar and piano.

Inquiries  may  email