The Equipment

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For guitar work I use these...

                                               standard-gt.jpg (14088 bytes)                                             

                                         1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard                       1999 Fender Blues DeVille            1982 Gibson Super 400 CES


and a Line 6 POD for my "amp farm" and effects.             

My two Bass Guitars are a Rickenbacker 4001 made in July of 1974:        and a 2000 Fender Jazz:  

For BASS guitar Amplification,  I use 3 rigs depending on what the job requires...

Here is my "dance band" or "push a lot of air" rig: 




For smaller club or jazz settings I use a Gk 100MB:    


...and I have the old 1965 Fender Bassman "Piggy Back" unit for that classic look :-)